We built the website with three main goals in mind. First, the site gives us the possibility to reach a much larger audience. Institutions, non-profits, and individuals can now buy, rent, or stream Grito Productions documentaries right from this website. Secondly, the site also allows us to share what Grito Productions is currently working on and what it has in development.

Thirdly, our website has an exciting feature called the Student Archive - a collection of documentaries done by Pam’s students over more than 20 years! So far we have posted 13 documentaries that can be streamed at no cost. We will add more student work over time. If you watch the documentaries in the archive you will take a two-decade tour of New York City, and beyond, from the perspective of young people, and you will also get a sense of the development of youth produced media. 

Gathering the materials for the Student Archive was an incredible experience. I took me on a trip back through some of my most meaningful teaching experiences and reminded me of some of the incredible young people I’ve met along the way.

Teachers and media activists: I hope these documentaries are useful in your work.